Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gormeh Sabzi - Persian Green Stew

This stew is one of my favorite persian dishes. I first tasted it two years ago when we visited Alfred's sister Fereshteh in Los Angeles. Here in Indiana I have my very own Persian chef to make it for me.

In Farsi the name of the dish is Gormeh (which means stew) Sabzi (which means green). As the name suggests the stew is green; it is made from a mixture of leeks, parley, and an herb named fenugreek. It also contains dark red kidney beans, and like most dishes it is served with steamed basmati rice. Traditionally the dish contains beef stew or shank meat. We no longer eat beef, so we made a vegetarian version of this dish; it still tasted great (and now it's greener in a different sense). We also added in some extra greens - spinach and turnip greens.

Some of the ingredients - especially fenugreek and dried lemons - may be difficult to find. You can find these at speciality international stores. In the Dallas area I would recommend Andre's on Springvalley in Richardson. In West Lafayette I would suggest the Indian Food Mart near Chauncey. There are also a number of websites you can order these items from, including You could also leave out these two ingredients and still have a delicious meal.

Gormeh Sabzi**
1 Cup of Dried Kidney Beans soaked over night, or 1 can of Kidney Beans
2 Bunches of Parsley
3-4 Leeks
3 Cups of Spinach
3 Cups of Turnip Greens
1/2 bunch of Celery - use all of the top leafy parts
1 Large Onion
2 Tablespoons Dried Fenugreek
6 Dried Limes
Juice of 2 Lemons
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Water or Vegetable Broth (around 3-4 cups)
Salt to Taste
** All of these amounts are estimates, you don't need to follow the recipe exactly

1) Roughly chop the parsley (leafy parts only), leeks, spinach, turnip greens, celery, and onion.
2) Drain and rinse soaked or canned beans.
3) In a large pot, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add all of the chopped vegetables. Saute until wilted about 10 minutes.
4) Add the fenugreek, dried limes, and beans to the greens. Pour enough water or broth over the greens to cover them.
5) Cover and let cook on med-low heat for at least 2 hours.
6) Add lemon juice, taste and add salt as needed.
7) Serve with steamed basmatic rice.

Noosh-e-jan. (Bon apetite in Farsi)


  1. Looks delicious and a little too complicated for me... You will just have to make it for me someday :) Your blog looks cute! How did you do that?

  2. Hi Karla - hope your halloween party was fun! I look forward to having Alfred make this for you sometime :)- soon hopefully.I got the header thing from and then I edited it in powerpoint. I made the words go all the way to the edge by switching my template to minima stretch left.

  3. This looks awesome. I am also Iranian and we don't eat meat very often (only on holidays pretty much) so I don't think of making gormeh sabzi because I associate it with meat but I should change that asap!! Has Alfred made you Choreshte Bademjoon (eggplant) ? that one is my favorite meatless choresht!